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Limitless entertainment with UPC TV App

With the UPC TV App in your pocket, the fun never stops

One TV experience

UPC TV app and UPC TV box are now offering the same look and feel and the same unlimited entertainment: Live channels, Replay, movies and series. 

UPC TV app connects to your UPC TV Box

UPC TV App can connect to your UPC TV Box to enable an easier control of your box using the app: select any title from the app and choose to watch it on the big screen with the function ‘Watch on TV’ or decide to continue watching on the app a programme started on the box using the function ‘Watch on this device’.

7 days of Replay

Watch programmes up to 7 days after broadcast on almost all channels*.

* Some channels have Replay restricted for online TV streaming.

Continue watching

Start a TV programme, a movie or  a recording on the UPC TV Box and continue watching on the UPC TV app. The content follows you anywhere.

One list of recordings

Recordings can be scheduled and watched both on UPC TV Box and on UPC TV app. Only programmes currently live or future programmes can be recorded.

Watch offline

Download to watch offline all Replay programmes and selected children series. Available only in iOS and Android.

Web Video

An aggregated catalogue of short-form videos,  personalized and curated, based upon the most popular sources on the web, both local and international. 


Does your TV really understand you? With personal profiles for every family member, you can access your favourite content directly. Please be aware that the profile function is only available when you have a UPC TV box in your household. 

TV entertainment everywhere

Consistent user experience

No readjusting, no limits: Your TV experience is the same everywhere, on the TV Box and with our app for smartphones and tablets. Including all the same channels on all devices.

Recordings in the cloud

You can not only play back your recordings on every device. You can also start them from every device – thanks to the cloud!

Switch screens on the fly

Don’t feel like watching on the little screen anymore? Just continue watching on the TV instead – or the other way round! This works with all recordings, missed programmes and OnDemand content.

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How do I get the UPC TV App?

Download for free

The requirement for using UPC TV App is an active subscription from UPC (TV, Internet or Mobile). In addition, you require a My UPC account in order to register.

Apple iOS
iOS 8.0 or newer needed
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Android version 4.0 or newer needed

Windows 10 or newer needed.
Compatible with PC and tablets

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