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Our WLAN Powerline set works enhances your internet by extending your signal along existing powerlines. Just position an adapter close to the modem and connect it directly via a LAN cable. Then, place a second adapter wherever you need a boost to create a new hotspot that extends your WiFi range.


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Installation just got easy. Follow our simple guide, and you'll be set up in minutes.

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Questions about Powerline

What are the UPC WLAN Powerlines used for and how do they work?

The Powerline technology transmits the Internet signal between at least two Powerline adapters via the existing power supply lines. 

One Powerline device (Powerline Adapter) is plugged in to a power socket close to the modem and connected to the modem via a LAN cable. The second Powerline device (WLAN Powerline Adapter) is plugged in to a power socket in another room. 

The WLAN Powerline Adapter creates a new WLAN hotspot at this location, thereby extending the range of the Wi-Fi even in rooms that cannot be reached by the original Wi-Fi signal from the modem.

What is our UPC WLAN Powerline offer comprised of?

To use UPC WLAN Powerline, a UPC WLAN Powerline Set is required. This always consists of two devices:

Powerline Adapter

WLAN Powerline Adapter

How can UPC WLAN Powerlines be ordered?

If the customer has activated a UPC Internet subscription on a Connect Box, he or she can check the Wi-Fi coverage in all rooms in his or her home with the aid of the Connect app. If a result is unsatisfactory, the Connect app will recommend using UPC WLAN Powerlines in this room. The customer can order the UPC WLAN Powerline Set by telephone or in the Connect app.

How are the UPC WLAN Powerlines installed?

Installing a UPC WLAN Powerline Set is very simple (plug and play). It is recommended, however, that you follow the instructions in the Connect app or in the Quick Install Guide enclosed in the box.

Can additional UPC WLAN Powerline Adapters be added to an existing network?

The initial UPC WLAN Powerline Set can be extended with additional UPC WLAN Powerline Adapters. In this way, several WLAN Powerline Adapters can be added to a Powerline Adapter to provide an optimal Wi-Fi signal in additional rooms.