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Expand the range of your wifi signal and get superfast speed in every corner. The Wifi Booster technology amplifies your wifi signal by using existing power supply lines. Here’s how you can receive your wifi signal all over your home – from the cellar to the attic.


Download the free UPC Connect App to your iPhone, iPad or Android device. With the «Check your home» function, the wifi in your home is scanned and the connection automatically improved. It the app determines that you need a booster to amplify your wifi, it will recommend that to you and you can order it directly via the app.

Questions about Wifi Booster

What are UPC Wifi Boosters used for and how do they work?

The Wifi Booster technology uses the existing power supply lines to transport the Internet signal to other rooms.

This means that one Wifi Booster is plugged into the power socket near the modem and is connected to the modem via a cable. The second Wifi Booster (wifi adapter) is plugged into a socket in the desired room.

The Wifi Booster (wifi adapter) creates a new wifi hotspot at this location and also extends the range of the wifi to rooms which cannot be reached by the original modem’s wifi signal.

Booster Installation Graphic

What does our UPC Wifi Booster offer include?

To use the UPC Wifi Booster, the first thing you need is a UPC Wifi Booster Set. This always consists of two devices:

Wifi Booster

Wifi Booster (wifi adapter)

How can UPC Wifi Boosters be ordered?

If the customer has activated a UPC Internet subscription on a Giga Connect Box or a Connect Box, he or she can check the wifi coverage in all rooms in his or her home with the aid of the Connect App. If the result is unsatisfactory, the Connect App will recommend using the UPC Wifi Booster in this room. The customer can order the UPC Wifi Booster Set by telephone or in the Connect App.

How does the UPC Wifi Booster get installed?

Installing a UPC Wifi Booster Set is very simple (plug and play). However, we still recommend following the instructions in the Connect App or in the Quick Install Guide included in the box.

Can additional UPC Wifi Boosters (wifi adapters) be added to an existing network?

The initial UPC Wifi Booster Set can be extended with additional UPC Wifi Boosters (wifi adapters). In this way, several Wifi Boosters (wifi adapters) can be added to a Wifi Booster (wifi adapter) to provide an optimal wifi signal in additional rooms.



In connection with your UPC Internet subscription, the UPC Connect App can help you install your Connect Box, optimise and manage your wifi, and easily connect to Wi-Free hotspots.

In Verbindung mit deinem UPC-Internet-Abonnement kann dir die

UPC Connect App helfen, deine Connect Box zu installieren, dein Wifi zu optimieren und  zu verwalten und eine einfache Verbindung zu Wi-Free Hotspots herzustellen.


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