What happens when I've used up my included mobile data, how can I control the data usage or how long is the minimum contract period? Here you can find the answers to your questions about UPC Mobile subscriptions.


In My UPC you can always see your current data usage.


In the Connect App you can see at first sight how your credit is doing. 



How much data is included in my subscription?

  • It’s easiest to view your specific data usage in My UPC
  • An overview of what is included in the UPC Mobile subscriptions can be found here.

What do I do when my included data is used up?

  1. Depending on the Mobile subscription you have chosen, you have a monthly credit of included units: call minutes, text messages and high-speed data.
  2. If you have completely used up your included services, additional usage will incur costs according to your subscription tariffs.
  4. Mobile data is available to you for free for the rest of the month, but at a reduced speed (up to 128 kbit/s). At no additional charge, you can still receive and send e-mails, text messages and WhatsApp messages – not including WhatsApp calls and video chats. Or the speed can be increased again at any time for a charge. (CHF 00.02 per MB)
  6. Simply send “SPEED UP” to 872. When you get your included data again at the beginning of the next month, you will automatically use 4G+ speed again.
  8. Note: This option is only for all subscriptions that include a limited data volume in Switzerland.
  9. Included services are always credited to you on the first day of the month and are valid up to and including the last day of the month. Unused credit expires at the end of the month.

Flex Swiss and Flex Europe: Why am I automatically getting an additional package with 1 GB of data?

If you have used up your data, an additional 1 GB package will be automatically purchased for just CHF 10. Once you have spent CHF 59, you have reached “Unlimited”. This means unlimited data for Switzerland, and for Flex Europe you also get a 5 GB data package for roaming in Europe, valid until the end of the month. After this the data tariff for Europe or abroad applies.

Every month, your subscription starts again with 2 GB of included data.

Flex Swiss and Flex Europe: Can I deactivate the sending of additional data packages?

If you do not want to automatically receive additional data, then send a text message with "STOP SURF" to 872 If your data volume is used up, you can only continue surfing by using a wifi connection. Deactivating the 1 GB data via "STOP SURF" at 872 is only valid for the respective month.

To start automatically receiving 1 GB data packets again, send "START SURF" to 872.

What happens to my current minutes, text messages and data credit if I want to change my subscription?

If you change or order a new subscription within the month, your new credit will be available to you pro rata for the rest of the month.

What happens with my data allowance when I switch to an Internet & Mobile combine & save package?

For the Swiss 500 MB and Swiss 2 GB subscriptions:

When you combine your Mobile subscription with Internet from UPC, the amount of included data is doubled. After combining Swiss 500 MB with an Internet subscription you would have 1GB and with Swiss 2 GB you would have a whole 4 GB of mobile data available each month.


For the Swiss 40 GB / Europe / Europe Plus subscriptions:

In combination with an Internet subscription, you get unlimited data within Switzerland. The included data for Europe remains the same.


What happens to my additional packages when I switch subscriptions?

If you switch from your current subscription to one of the following subscriptions:

  • Swiss Unlimited
  • Europe Unlimited
  • Europe Plus Unlimited
then at the time of the switch, the following additional packages will be deactivated immediately and any existing credit will expire:
  • Mobile Data Pack 500
  • Mobile Data Pack 1000
  • Billing by the MB

All other additional packages will be transferred to the new subscription.


Take out a subscription

What is the minimum contract period for my subscription?

For the Unlimited Swiss/ Flex Swiss / Unlimited Europe / Flex Europe mobile subscriptions, the following applies:
There is no minimum contract period. The cancellation period is 30 days.

For all other mobile subscriptions the following applies:
There is a minimum contract duration of 12 or 24 months depending on the contract.
Your mobile subscription remains active and usable after the minimum contract period has ended, as long as you have not changed anything. The cancellation periods in your subscription contract apply. You are not automatically bound to another year.

How is the price calculated if I take out a contract or switch subscriptions in the middle of the month?

  • Should you conclude a new mobile contract or switch to one of our latest offers, then the pro rata billing applies.
  • For example, if you have signed up for a new mobile subscription in the middle of the month or changed to a new subscription, you will not be charged the full price. We charge the monthly subscription fee only for the remaining calendar days of the month.
  • Note: Your data credit will also be adjusted proportionally according to the number of calendar days remaining.

What are the conditions for ordering a new smartphone?

You can only order a smart phone with a subscription from UPC. You can pay for it in a one-off payment or in instalments. To be able to order a new smartphone, first of all the old mobile device must be completely paid off and the old handset plan must be terminated.

Can I pay for a new smartphone by instalments?

If you order a smartphone when signing up for a mobile subscription and you want to pay for it in instalments, you can also sign up for a separate device contract - the handset plan.

The total contract period is 24 months. You choose the amount of the first deposit yourself and determine the amount of the monthly instalments

Can I pay for my smartphone before the end of the total contract period?

Yes. You can also pay off the remaining amount for your smartphone at any time and thus end the handset plan prematurely. Please contact our customer support.

Are there any additional fees for my smartphone?

No. There are no additional charges for your mobile device.


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