Overcome dead zones in mobile coverage

with UPC WiFi Calling

Is your mobile phone getting no signal – again? How annoying. There are several possible causes for getting no mobile signal. This can be due to the smartphone itself or to the mobile provider. For ideal mobile reception, we now have a solution for you: Have a look at the advantages of UPC Wifi Calling.

Why is your mobile network off?


Poor indoor coverage

Right outside the building you’ve got good mobile reception, but as soon as you’re inside, no signal at all. Usually this is due to well-insulated walls, which can greatly weaken the mobile signal.


Mobile phone settings & SIM card

Check the settings on your mobile phone: Use the Mobile Assistant, with which you can quickly find all the mobile network options for your mobile phone model. Also verify that your SIM card is working properly. If in doubt, test it in a different phone.


Distance from the mobile radio mast

The big distance from a mobile base station can weaken the mobile signal. In mountainous regions, for example, this is often the case. Check the network coverage at your current location. In this way you'll find out, if there is a mobile network at your current place.


WiFi is often confused with WLAN. WLAN stands for “Wireless Local Area Network” and is just a general term for wireless networks. WiFi is a term for devices that can receive WLAN signals and therefore also make calls via WLAN. If Wifi Calling is activated on your mobile phone and WLAN with sufficient reception strength is available nearby, your calls will automatically be placed via Wifi Calling. The prerequisite for this is that you have registered on the WLAN network.


UPC WiFi Calling Kinder telefonieren

With UPC Wifi Calling you use WLAN to make calls and send text messages. With it you have ideal mobile reception and better voice quality. If you see Wifi Calling in the notification bar (iPhone) or a telephone receiver icon with the wifi symbol (Samsung), your call is being placed via Wifi Calling. UPC Wifi Calling is a free service and entails no additional costs.

Optimize your mobile reception now in every location where you have WLAN reception. Check out the advantages:

  • With Wifi Calling you are calling via WLAN – even in places where you have no network coverage.
  • Your mobile phone automatically switches between Wifi Calling and GSM, depending on which signal is stronger at your current location.
  • Billing is at the same rate as when you call via the mobile network. There are no additional costs.


Wifi Booster Set - Wifi Extender

The Wifi Booster Set amplifies the signal using existing power circuits. More boost for your Internet access.

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