Wi-Fi Calling - Make calls via Wi-Fi

Frequently asked questions

How can I activate Wi-Fi Calling on my iPhone?

Turn on Wi-Fi calling in Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling. The requirement for Wi-Fi Calling is an iPhone 5s or newer, plus at least iOS 11.2


What is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi Calling allows you to make calls via the Wi-Fi network. You can make or receive a phone call if you have a Wi-Fi connection in an area with little or no cellular coverage.


Will Wi-Fi Calling be activated automatically?

If Wi-Fi Calling is activated on your mobile device and a Wi-Fi network with sufficient reception strength is available nearby, calls will automatically be placed via Wi-Fi Calling. The requirement for this is that you have registered on the Wi-Fi network.


How can I tell whether a call is being made using Wi-Fi Calling or via the mobile network?

If «Wi-Fi Calling» is shown in the notification bar, the call is being conducted via Wi-Fi Calling.


Can I also use Wi-Fi Calling abroad?

Wi-Fi Calling can only be used with Wi-Fi networks within Switzerland. Roaming is not currently possible.


How will Wi-Fi Calling be billed?

Telephone services (telephony, SMS/MMS) will be billed at the same rate that they would be if they were conducted via the mobile network.


What happens if I leave the Wi-Fi range while making a call?

If you lose your Wi-Fi coverage during a phone call, the call will be interrupted.


Which services are possible with Wi-Fi Calling?

The following services still work when your mobile phone is logged in for Wi-Fi Calling: call forwarding, call blocking, call waiting, voicemail box, provided that they are also activated for calls via the mobile network.


Can I make emergency calls via Wi-Fi Calling?

No, emergency calls to 112, 117, 118, 143, 144, 148 are not possible with Wi-Fi Calling.  The mobile phone will automatically switch to the mobile network when an emergency number is dialled, if there is reception. In an emergency, use the fixed network or mobile network.


Which mobile phones support Wi-Fi Calling?

The requirement for Wi-Fi Calling is an iPhone 5s or newer, plus at least iOS 11.2. Devices from other manufacturers will be supported at a later point in time.