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UPC social media manners

Communication with customers is of paramount importance to us. Through feedback and intensive exchange, we accomplish even more and continue to develop. We value your opinion and are pleased that you are joining in the discussion. Critical views are also welcome.


Please note that posts and comments from visitors do not necessarily represent the opinion of Sunrise UPC LLC or of employees and business partners of Sunrise UPC LLC. By interacting with UPC on social media, you acknowledge and agree to this Netiquette. It supplements the terms of use that you accepted on the respective social media platform.


The following content is prohibited on the UPC social media channels. UPC reserves the right to remove content that falls into any of the following categories immediately:




  • Libelous, defamatory, racist, offensive, abusive, discriminatory, vexatious, threatening or obscene content.

  • Content that contains direct or indirect advertisements for third-party products.

  • Provocative posts will not be tolerated. This covers ridicule and attacks on people, groups, products or companies. It also relates to attacks based on ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation.

  • Posts encouraging illegal action, software or instructions which violate copyright – including instructions or tips for jailbreaks and links to similar or harmful content (viruses etc.).

  • The names of UPC employees.

  • Use of UPC trademarks without written consent.