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How do I install my UPC TV Box?

In order to use your UPC TV Box you need to connect to internet via the Connect Box.If you already have it installed, you can start installing your UPC TV Box right away. We recommend that you download the Connect App first or alternatively to follow the step-by-step instructions in our installation videos:

Connect App

Do you need
an installation wizard?

The quickest and easiest way to install your UPC TV Box is via the Connect App. It will help you set up and control all your UPC devices at home in no time.

Video guide

Step-by-step instructions for

installing your UPC TV Box

Step 1

Install Connect Box

In this video you will find out step by step how to set up your Connect Box.

Did you already install your Connect Box? Then go directly to step 2.

Do you need written instructions?

Step 2

Install UPC TV Box

Installing the UPC TV Box is piece of cake!

In this video we will show you how:

Do you need written instructions?

Box & Connections


COAX In: connection to the UPC network via wall socket

Audio Cinch: analogue audio connection for audio system

Mini-Scart Out: SCART connection (without function)

HDMI: HDMI connection to the TV

USB: USB connection for the service purposes by UPC

Ethernet: connection to modem / router

Digital Audio: digital output for Home Cinema

Power: connection to power supplies and electric cable

Power Switch: for switching on and off


Switch on & off

Channel down / up