Horizon HD Recorder by Samsung –
more than just television

The Horizon HD Recorder by Samsung combines television,

wireless Internet and fixed network telephony all in one box.



Horizon HD Recorder features

High Definition TV

Enjoy the very best picture and sound quality on selected channels with HDTV.

Live Pause/Rewind

Pause the programme you are watching or simply rewind.


Watch shifted TV programmes from the last 30 hours or 7 days with Replay.


With MyPrime, you can watch unlimited classic films, series and children’s programmes.


Enjoy the latest feature films on demand for as little as CHF 6 per film.

Integrated WLAN modem

The integrated WLAN modem allows you to surf the wireless Internet anywhere at home.


Record up to four programmes simultaneously.


Technical specifications

Prerequisites: An HD television set is necessary to get the best possible video and audio quality.
Output signals: 576p, 720p, 1080i or 1080p
Dimensions: width 34.6 cm, height 6.2 cm, depth 25.4 cm
Colour: black
Connections: 1x Coax IN / 1x HDMI / 1x Aux OUT/ 1x SPDIF / 4 LAN sockets / 2 phone sockets

Experience Horizon when you’re out
and about with Horizon Go

Enjoy the best films and series on your smartphone or tablet and conveniently schedule recordings while on the go with our Horizon Go app (for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems)!

> More information about Horizon Go

Questions about the Horizon HD Recorder

If you pair your Horizon remote control with your TV set, you will no longer require a separate remote for basic functions such as adjusting the volume of your TV set, switching it on and off, and selecting the signal source. A detailed description can also be found in the enclosed Quick Guide.

To create a Favourites list, select the option Favourites and then Set favourites. Browse through the channels available, select one and press OK. As soon as a channel is selected, a star appears next to the channel name.

Use the arrow keys to go left and select the option Confirm and press OK to save the list. Only then will the Favourites list be saved.

Direct recording
Press the red button on your remote control while the programme is running. Then confirm with “OK”on your remote control whilst the programme is running. 

Manual recording
Press the MENU button. Select Media Library – My Organiser. Select New and set the channel, date, start time and end time, plus how often the recording should be made. Select Record.

You can also select a programme in the TV Guide by pressing OK and then set with Record. When available, you can also specify whether all subsequent episodes should also be recorded.

While you are watching a programme, you can change the soundtrack if this function is available. To do so, press OK to bring up the Action Menu and then select Settings A/V. Under Audio you can select your preferred soundtrack.

If offered by the channel, you can also activate subtitles here. To do so, select the Subtitles function.

Digital radio stations can be found in the TV Guide on Horizon from channel 700 onwards. The TV doesn’t have to be switched on to listen to audio. If you have connected an amplifier to your Horizon HD Recorder, then the sound is played through the music system.


The selected channel can be seen on the display of your Horizon HD Recorder.

Our entertainment packages with the Horizon HD Recorder

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