You can choose between the following payment methods to pay your UPC bill:


With eBill you can receive your UPC bill directly in your e-banking account and can authorise its payment there. Simply register for eBill in your e-banking account (bank or PostFinance). You will find further information on our support page.

Direct debit (LSV) & CH-DD direct debit

If you activate the LSV+ (direct debit) or CH-DD (CH-DD debit direct), the bill amount will be debited from your account automatically. If you are a bank customer (LSV+), simply send the signed form to your bank so that your direct debit (LSV) is activated as a payment method for your UPC bills.  If you are a Postfinance customer (CH-DD), you can log in to My UPC to sign up for the CH-DD direct debit.

If you use a cable connection and pay for it separately, please use the direct debit form for cable connection contracts.

Online bank transfer

You can also pay your bill by online banking. In this case you will need the information from your pay-in slip. You can also access these in My UPC, for example.

Please note: If you do not use the orange pay-in slip from UPC, but instead a red pay-in slip (without a reference number), then a fee of CHF 7.50 will be incurred. (One such payment per calendar year is free of charge.)

Paying at the post office counter

For payments at the post office counter you need a payment slip. Please note that there is a fee of CHF 3.50 per payment when using an orange payment slip; CHF 7.50 when using a red payment slip (one payment per year free of charge).


Changing the payment type

It may happen that switching over to the newly selected payment method will not take place until the following month.
Example: Your request to switch payment methods has overlapped with your current invoice being sent.
Important: In this case, please pay your invoice again with the previous payment method.

Payment date

You can always find the exact payment date on the upper right of your UPC bill. If you like, you can select in My UPC whether you would prefer to always pay your bills at the beginning, middle or end of the month.
Important: This option is not available for payments at the post office or by direct debit (LSV/DD).

How would you like to receive your UPC invoice?

In My UPC you can choose how your UPC invoices are sent to you:

  • by post
  • by e-mail
  • in My UPC

You can change the settings for how you receive your bills at any time in My UPC.



In My UPC, choose the way you receive your UPC bills.

In My UPC, choose the way you receive your UPC bills.


Which account information do I need for making payments (also from abroad)?

In My UPC you will find a QR payment slip which has already been filled out, otherwise you can use the following information for the bank transfer:

Payee: Sunrise LLC, P.O. Box, 8050 Zürich

QR-IBAN - from Switzerland: CH76 3000 0003 8000 0367 9  (always add invoice reference number)

IBAN - from abroad: CH21 0900 0000 8000 0367 9

Amount: Enter the bill amount here.

Payment reference: Enter your customer number.



Please note: There may be fees for payments at the post office counter.





Why can’t I open my bill in My UPC?

The bill can’t be opened until 2 days after it has been created, even if it can already be viewed in My UPC with the bill total.

I pay my bill by direct debit. Why am I still getting a bill by post?

You can easily change the delivery option for your bill in My UPC, so that in the future you will receive your bill online and not by post.

How can I pay my outstanding bill with a credit card?

After a payment reminder, you can pay the outstanding total amount by credit card in My UPC.


If your connection is blocked, you can pay the outstanding total amount by credit card in the following ways:

- In My UPC

- Please call our customer service on 0800 66 88 66.

Can I change the payment deadline for my UPC bill?

In My UPC under “Bill Settings” you can change your payment deadline. You can select whether you would to prefer to pay your bills at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the month. The date you receive the bill may also change, depending on the payment deadline you select.

If you pay your bills by direct debit, it is not possible to change the payment deadline. In this case it is always set for the beginning of the month.



The QR bill was introduced all across Switzerland on 30 June 2020. Here you can learn what is changing and how simple it is to pay your UPC bill with a QR code.



In My UPC you can indicate whether you would like to receive your bill in paper form by post (CHF 3 per bill) or electronically by e-mail/as eBill (free).   



You’d like to be notified by e-mail or SMS when a new bill is available? Then activate the notification function in My UPC.


Service information and network issues 

Here you can find information about disruptions on the UPC network.



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