Menu & navigation
on your UPC TV Box

How does the TV guide work and how can I set up my favourites? The answers to these questions and lots more about the operation of your UPC TV Box.

Main menu

  • In the main menu, you have access to all available menu items. In the respective menu items, you have access to the following content:
  • most frequently searched for and most watched programmes
  • radio
  • recommendations for you
  • recent recordings
  • last used apps and settings


  • In the search, you can search for all content such as films & series, actors, topic areas and much more. Alternatively, you can also use the voice search instead of typing everything in. 

TV guide

  • In the TV guide, you will find the complete programme overview for all channels for the past and next seven days.

This line shows the programmes currently being aired.

To go to the top menu, press the HOME button on the remote control.

If you press OK for a Replay programme, this will start playing directly. If you want to see the information or add a programme to your watch list, press (...).

If you press OK for a Replay programme currently being shown, you can select whether you want to watch the programme from the beginning or live.

If you press OK for a future programme, the programme information will be displayed.

  • Pressing the TV Guide button will always take you to “Now” in the TV guide
  • You can also jump forwards or backwards by a whole day with the << and >> buttons
  • You can go up or down a page with the CH + and CH - buttons
  • You can also navigate with voice control

Replay TV

Under Replay TV you will find all Replay programmes from the past seven days, sorted according to popularity. Here, you can also filter by individual channels or days and sort alphabetically. Pressing the HOME button will take you to the filters.


Films & Series

In the Films & Series section, you will find a selection of the latest and most popular films and series to rent. Here you will also find all free MyPrime content.



Under Saved you will find your recordings, your watch list, content that you can carry on watching and your currently rented OnDemand films & series.

In the “Recordings” sub-menu, you will find your recordings, planned recordings and the free capacity of your cloud storage.

When the memory is full, no further recordings can be programmed. To free up memory, simply delete old programmes that you no longer watch.



In the Apps section, you have access to a selection of popular apps such as Netflix, YouTube, MySports Day Ticket Shop and many more.



Under Settings you will find all settings options for your UPC TV Box, such as: set up your favourites list, parental control with PIN, power consumption in stand-by, subtitles and much more. For all options, on the right you will find a text that describes what can be set up. 


Set favourites

Select “Set favourites” and press OK. Select “Add channel” and press OK. Now you can add all the channels you want to add to your favourites list. When you are done, press BACK. If you want to re-order the channels, select the respective channel with OK, drag it with the UP & DOWN buttons and confirm with OK. When you are done, press BACK on your remote control to save your favourites list. You can activate and deactivate the favourites list in the settings. 


Please note: The favourites list can only be used when changing channels. Filtering in the TV guide is not currently possible.


Channel bar

By pressing the OK button you can call up the channel bar while watching a programme. In the channel bar, you have information about the current programme and direct access to the past and next seven days. In addition, you can navigate to another channel with the arrow buttons UP & DOWN without having to stop the current programme.