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The Riehen site is important to us - just like our customers!

In the vote of 28 February 2016, the municipality of Riehen has decided to change the supplier of the cable network. The municipality informed you in August.

It is all the more pleasing to us that we are there for you in the future: You can use our products via our fiber-optic cable connection independent of the Municipal Network. 

To benefit from our attractive product portfolio, select the right product here and order it simply to your doorstep, or call us at 0800 122 122.


Frequently asked questions

Which network will UPC's services / products run in the future, if not via the K-network of the municipality?

The UPC signals are still transported to the municipal area of ​​Riehen via the existing UPC network. In the commune area, UPC no longer links the company's own fiber optic network to the K-network of the municipality but to that of Swisscom.

The customer continues to receive the same products as before the changeover. For UPC customers neither the known quality nor the prices or other conditions of the products change.

I live in Riehen and am a customer of UPC, can I profit from it?

The availability of existing networks is limited, which unfortunately affects the availability of our existing customers. In Riehen we reach more than half of our existing customers. You received a letter from us at the beginning of September in which we informed you about the further use of our services.

Why does a technician have to go ahead?

A technician will install a so-called fiber adapter in your home or property free of charge and connect your products to it. It also ensures that these work perfectly.

What happens to my basic connection?

You can cancel your contract for the basic connection of the K-network with the municipality. Observe any notice period and minimum term of contract.

Connect & Play - Our new subscriptions from autumn 2016

We have adapted our product range even more closely to the needs and wishes of our customers.The following two fundamental changes apply to all new customers and previous customers who change their subscription:

  • The product offer is reduced to two main subscriptions (Connect and Connect & Play). Both main subscriptions can be individually adapted to the respective customer requirements.
  • The cable connection costs are already fully integrated into the offer prices. There is no separate cable connection calculation.


What are the advantages of the individual subscriptions? Learn more about Connect and Connect & Play subscriptions .

Connect & Play subscriptions at a glance

Connect & Play combines our high-speed Internet with first class entertainment. New customers have the option to choose from the following main subscriptions:

  • Connect for all those who attach particular importance to high-speed Internet, but plays a subordinate role for the TV entertainment at home because they either look only a little television or choose the desired entertainment directly online, eg via other providers (YouTube, Horizon Go , Netflix, Apple TV, Wilma, Zattoo, etc.).
  • Connect & Play for all, where entertainment plays an important role of the (family) life - with a wide selection of stations including many HD channels, but above all with practical functions like replay, recordings or LivePause. In addition, there is enough high-speed Internet to be connected - also via WLAN - and unlimited fixed-line telephony in all Swiss networks.


If customers have decided on one of the main subscriptions, you can make individual adjustments to the Internet speed or TV channels within this subscription, as well as to select or remove fixed network telephones within Switzerland or abroad.

Changes to the cable connection costs from autumn 2016

Why is the cable connection included in the new Connect & Play subscriptions? 

Full cost transparency is in line with a constantly expressed customer requirement. With the integration of the cable connection costs into the account of the Connect & Play subscriptions, the customer has only one invoice, one contact person and has a full overview of all his products and costs in My UPC.

The cable connection costs are newly charged directly to the subscribed products for new customers, except for customers in our partner networks. The crediting of the cable connection by a UPC partner network is taken into account in the form of a credit note.

In the case of existing customers, the cable connection costs will continue to be charged against the additional costs. An adjustment of the clearing type does not take place until the new subscriptions are changed. To ensure that the cable connection costs are not billed twice (directly via the subscription and the additional costs), we inform customers about the further procedure with a leaflet as a supplement to the welcome letter.