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Thinking of leaving us?

There are plenty of good reasons to stay:

sehr schnelles Breitband Internet | upc cablecom

Ultra-fast connection with high-speed Internet

We are the number 1 in Switzerland for broadband Internet*

MyPrime – on Demand fernsehen | upc cablecom

The best entertainment whenever you want it

The best TV programmes, blockbusters and series without limits at home and on the go on your smartphone

laut günstigstes Mobile Abo der Schweiz | upc cablecom

Stay connected on the go with our Mobile subscriptions

Discover Mobile Unlimited with unlimited communication, freedom and flexibility.

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Top 4 FAQs on the topic of cancellation

What happens if I move to an address at which UPC is not available?

How do I cancel my Internet, television or fixed network subscription?

How do I cancel one or several products which are part of my bundle?

How do I cancel my 3-in-1 cable connection?

Umziehen | upc cablecom
Are you moving house?

Take your products with you to your new home. You can do this in a few clicks.

* Source:, as at: 17.03.2015
** For light, average and heavy users with Internet access, UPC offers the best mobile telephony rates according to As at: 14.01.2015