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Moving abroad

If you are moving abroad, you have the right of extraordinary cancellation and can terminate your contract with us as of the end of the relocation month.

Information and deadlines

UPC’s General Terms and Conditions at a glance.

If you move abroad or to an area where no products from UPC can be offered, your contract can also be terminated before the end of the minimum contract period by observing a one-month notice period. If you are moving abroad, please enclose the official confirmation of deregistration from your municipality of residence, otherwise we can unfortunately not terminate the contract prematurely.

Procedure for digital products (Internet, Phone, Digital TV)

So that your cancellation can be processed, all we require is notification of your move. We recommend that you notify us directly in My UPC. You can also contact our customer serviceby telephone.

Procedure for the 3-in-1 cable connection

If the costs for the 3-in-1 cable connection are billed through the incidental expenses for your apartment, you do not need to cancel the connection. However, if as a tenant you receive a separate bill for the 3-in-1 cable connection, please notify our customer service of your move by telephone or in writing.

If you are the owner and receive the bill for the cable connection directly from us, please contact us in writing. In your letter, please tell us the name of the future owner and provide a copy of the sale contract. Any pages with private contract details such as the sale price may be omitted.

Please provide us with the following details:


  • Information about your move away from our coverage area
  • Your customer number
  • Your new address
  • Your moving date


Send us the signed letter, preferably by registered post, to the following address:

UPC Switzerland GmbH
8021 Zürich

If you use a hispeed e-mail address, please switch to a new e-mail provider in good time. E-mail addresses, address books, and data saved in online storage or on websites at will be deleted after the cancellation date.


Die Mindestvertragsdauer Ihres Abos beträgt zwölf Monate. Diese Mindestvertragsdauer gilt, wenn Sie ein Produkt neu abonnieren oder Ihr Produkt ändern. Nach Ablauf der Mindestvertragsdauer können Sie unter Einhaltung einer Kündigungsfrist von zwei Monaten jederzeit jeweils per Monatsende kündigen.

Bitte beachten Sie: Die fristgerechte Kündigung eines digitalen Angebotes bedeutet nicht automatisch, dass auch der "zugehörige" Kabelanschluss-Vertrag auf dieses Datum hin aufgelöst werden kann. Für den Kabelanschluss gelten unterschiedliche Vertragsbestimmungen, abhängig vom Abschlussdatum. Wir empfehlen Ihnen deswegen, sich vorab telefonisch vom Kundendienst beraten zu lassen.

Kündigen können Sie in den meisten Fällen telefonisch unter 0800 900 260

You can cancel each product included in a bundle separately. Please note, however, that a minimum contract period of twelve months applies for all of your products from the start of your bundle. The notice period is two months to the end of the month.

You have subscribed to Internet and fixed network from UPC for several years. On 17 February 2015 you also subscribed to digital television and opted for one of our bundles, thus benefiting from the bundle discount. The minimum contract period for all three products therefore started over again in February 2015. As a result, you can cancel one or several of your three products at the end of February 2016 at the earliest.

If you would like to cancel your product by phone, or have any other questions, call 0800 900 260


Various contractual provisions with various cancellation periods apply for the 3-in-1 cable connection depending on the date on which the contract was entered into. It is therefore easiest if you contact our customer service to find out more about contractual provisions.


The general rule is:


Are you a tenant and do you receive your bills for the 3-in-1 cable connection directly from UPC? Then you can cancel your contract over the telephone.


Are you a tenant and are you billed for the costs of the 3-in-1 cable connection through the additional property expenses for your apartment? Then inform your landlord. As soon as we are notified by your landlord of your intention to cancel, we will stop billing you for your connection from the end of the following month. From this point on, you will no longer have to pay any cable connection fees (additional property expenses will decrease), but you will also no longer be able to use any digital products from UPC.

Are you a landlord or property management company? Please notify us of any cancellations by sending an e-mail to

Are you a key account? Please notify us of any cancellations by sending an e-mail to

Are you a property owner? Please cancel your connection in writing:

UPC Switzerland GmbH
8021 Zürich



Have you already paid fees due after the cancellation date? Please provide us with your account details when cancelling. If we do not receive any account details, we will send you a check by no later than the end of the year. If you are billed for the costs of the 3-in-1 cable connection directly through the additional property expenses for your apartment, please contact your landlord.

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** For light, average and heavy users with Internet access, UPC offers the best mobile telephony rates according to As at: 14.01.2015