The voicemail box from UPC is your personal answering machine for your fixed-line connection. It takes your calls while you are away. The service is free of charge and inactive by default.


The voicemail box by UPC offers you a free, virtual answering machine in the network. This easy-to-use service takes calls for you not only if you are away from home, but also if you are already tied up with someone else on the telephone or simply don't feel like it or don't have time. You can conveniently listen to your messages at home or from any other telephone when you are out and about, or even via the Internet.

Setting up the voicemail box for the first time

If you would like to use the voicemail box, you can set up the service when you receive the modem.

Please dial 3 and follow the instructions. Then you can:

  • Select the language or record a personal greeting.
  • Set up a PIN for remote access to your voicemail box.

Divert calls to the voicemail box when the phone is busy

  1. To switch on dial *555# 
  2. To switch off dial #555#
  3. Wait for confirmation and hang up

Divert calls to voicemail box, if you do not pick up within 25 seconds

  1. To switch on dial *888#
  2. To switch off dial #888#
  3. Wait for confirmation and hang up

Divert all calls to voicemail box

  1. To switch on dial *000#
  2. To switch off dial #000#
  3. Wait for confirmation and hang up

Listen to voicemail box

From your landline connection:
The voicemail box will tell you when you lift the receiver whether there are messages for you. If there is a new message or one that has not yet been heard, then you will hear a double beep. By pressing the “3” key once on your landline telephone you can listen to the messages.

From a different connection:
You can listen to your messages wherever you are from any telephone or mobile phone. The prerequisite is that you set a PIN for remote access. 

Set the PIN:

  1. Call 3 to access the «Main Menu» of your voicemail box.
  2. Press 3 to go to the «Settings» menu.
  3. Press 2 to go to the «Changing your PIN code» menu. Follow the voice-guided instructions to change your PIN code

Listen to voicemail messages:

  1. Call the number 086 followed by your landline number (for example, 086 044 123 45 67)
  2. Press the * key during the greeting message.
  3. Now enter your PIN and confirm with the # key.



If you would like to use your own answering machine, then make sure that the UPC voicemail box is deactivated.

You can find more information about the voicemail box in the instruction manual.


Service information and network issues 

Here you can find information about disruptions on the UPC network.



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