With the Replay function you can watch programmes which were broadcast on TV in the last 7 days. When you install your box, you will be asked if you want to enable Replay. After confirmation you can use Replay – automatically also in the UPC TV App. 


If you want to activate Replay manually at a later date, you will find instructions below.

Filter the channel list with a click on the Replay symbol: 

Please note that you will only have access to programmes that were broadcast after the point Replay was activated.



Press the Menu button

Go to Settings, select “System” and activate Replay


In the TV Guide, select a past programme (film, series etc.) with a Replay symbol and press “OK”

A pop-up appears in which you can activate Replay



Press "Menu" on your remote control.

Access "My library" and select "Apps". Navigate to "Featured" and open "Activate Replay".

Read the terms of use and activate Replay.



Go into the TV guide and click on a programme with the Replay icon.

Read the terms of use and click on "Activate".

You can select a programme directly in the TV guide and watch it (programmes that start after activation).



If you have activated Replay on your box, the function is automatically available in the UPC TV App.  


Channels: Replay in the UPC TV App corresponds to the offer which is available on UPC TV. This allows you to watch programmes on a delayed basis for up to 7 days on all devices.


Start Replay: You start the programme you want to watch via Replay by clicking on the Replay icon or directly on the programme you want to watch.


You can find more information about the UPC TV App here.


For Horizon
Usually when you use the UPC TV App for the first time a message appears and you can use Replay immediately by clicking on "Activate".


If you want to activate Replay at a later time, you can restart the app and the message will appear again.


Frequently asked questions about the Replay function

Who can use Replay and what does the service cost?

If you use the UPC TV Box or the Horizon Box, 7 days of Replay are included in all subscriptions. 

Can I continue to use Replay if I change my subscription?

If you keep the same set-up box after changing subscription, you can continue to use Replay as long as it is included in your new subscription. No new activation is necessary.

If you change your set-up box, for example from Horizon to UPC TV Box, you will have to reactivate Replay.

How do I get 7 days of Replay?

7 days of Replay is included in all of our Happy Home subscriptions.
Change your subscription at any time in My UPC.

Available channels with Replay

You can see directly in the TV guide which channels are available with Replay. Replay programmes are marked with the following symbol: 


Service information and network issues 

Here you can find information about disruptions on the UPC network.


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