Let's go!

Register your move in only a few steps and simply take your UPC products with you. You can find out how here.

New address? Check which UPC services you can use there:

Step 1

Log in to My UPC and click on “Moving” in the navigation bar at the top.

Step 2

Follow the instructions and enter your new address. 

Step 3

Enter your moving date and send the information.

After moving you may, for administrative reasons, receive an invoice combining the current month and the following month. 

Is your 3-in-1 cable connection registered to you? Then we would ask you to re-register this using our contact form.

To whom is your 3-in-1 cable connection registered?

Registered to you if…:

Is this the case?

Then please register relocation of your 3-in-1 cable connection using our contact form. Should you have other accessories or subscriptions from us, please register relocation of these directly in My UPC


Registered to your landlord if...:

  • do not receive a separate invoice from us for your cable connection.
  • ...“cable television” is included in your rent of additional charges.

Is this the case?

Then you do not need to register relocation of your cable connection. We would nevertheless ask you to register the relocation of additional products such as a TV-Box, DigiCard or an Internet subscription in My UPC.


Register relocation of your mobile subscription simply in this contact form.

Then you have the right of extraordinary cancellation and can terminate your contract with us at any time at the end of the relocation month. The only thing we require from you for this is the registration confirmation of your current municipality of residence. Please send this to the following address and you will then receive a confirmation of cancellation from us:


UPC Switzerland LLC
8021 Zürich


We wish you a good start in your new country and hope that we will be able to count you among our customers again if you ever return to Switzerland! If you have not yet returned your modem or rented Mediabox at the end of the cancellation period, please return it to the following address:


UPC Schweiz GmbH
XPO Logistics Switzerland
Lagerhausstrasse 12
4914 Roggwil