Remote control for your UPC TV Box

How does my remote control work and how can I pair it with my UPC TV Box?

Pair remote control

Pair remote with the UPC TV Box

Press and hold the Back to TV and 0 buttons on your remote control at the same time for around ten seconds while pointing the remote control at your UPC TV Box (max distance 50 centimeters).

Pair remote control

Pair remote with TV or Home Cinema system

Under "Settings" > "Picture and sound" > "Pair remote control" you can connect your UPC TV remote control with your TV or amplifier. Simply follow the instructions on the TV.


Do you want to pair your universal remote control to control your UPC TV Box? Here are the IR codes:



Your remote control in detail

Switch TV on and off / Mute / Source (if paired with TV)

Switch UPC TV Box on and off & switch on TV if your TV supports HDMI CEC

HOME / Menu: access the main menu

Tip: In the sub-categories you can always skip to the top with the HOME button.

Back to TV: Navigate directly to the live channel or to the last watched channel

TV guide: Access the TV listings with the option of using the Replay function

Navigation buttons: With these buttons, you can navigate anywhere and confirm / select with OK


- You can navigate quicker by keeping the arrow buttons pressed

- By keeping the left or right arrow buttons pressed you can rewind or fast-forward more quickly

- By pressing them briefly you can jump 30 sec forwards or backwards in recordings or Replay

Back: Return to the previous navigation step

Options: Call up information and options for the current or selected program

Tip: You can also use this button to switch teletext on.

Voice search & control: By keeping the button pressed and giving verbal commands you can search for films & series, programs or topics, or control your UPC TV Box

Record: Make a recording directly by pressing this button

Mute TV (if paired with TV)

Show source (if paired with TV)

Find remote control

Are you looking for the remote control for your UPC TV Box?

Have you already turned the sofa upside down and still can't find the remote control?


No problem, we have the solution for you. Simply press the + button on your UPC TV Box for 5 seconds. When you release the button and the remote control has been localized, it will make a sound so that you can find it.