Our service fees at a glance

Which service fees exist? How high are they? You will find here all the information
regarding the costs about activation, payment transactions, reminders and contract termination.

Service activation


Switching to a lower priced subscription

SIM card

Replacement SIM card

Transfer subscription

Payment transactions

Paper invoice

Payment at the Post Office

Payment using red pay-in slips (Post Office)


Reminder charges

Collection fees

Default interest

Reactivation of blocked connection

Express activation

Contract termination

Premature contractual termination

Not returned or defective receivers

Due payment of instalments for mobile handsets

Other prices & conditions

Provision of information in the event of abusive calls

Invoice copy

All prices incl. VAT


Top 3 FAQs about the service fees

Why am I charged a fee if I use a red pay-in slip?

What is the activation fee?

Why is it not free to be sent bills in paper form?


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